Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my "chosen" art of the day...

i figured that since i call myself an artist, i should probably post something of case you're too lazy to check out my etsy shop :)

check this out!

good morning!!!

i know...i'm slacking a little bit and letting myself sleep in a little more...but it'll be work, work, work for me before i (or my husband) knows it...just made myself some fair trade, organic coffee and about to work off the night with some morning tv...then maybe a fun hike with socrates...what are some of your daily rituals?!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

just checking...

cross your fingers and see if it works!


new networking websites

facebook fan page:

****i'm hosting a fun giveaway on my facebook fan page!****

for the love of etsy...

i just wanted to share my etsy page with you guys- love it or hate it...just let me know! :)

first day of my (blogging) life...

hi! i am completely new to this whole blogging thing and would love to hear any advice, feedback, questions, comments, etc... you have on the whole matter. i have to admit, i'm more than a little excited about this new world i'm about to enter. i'm hoping to inspire you and myself with this new life. so please join me on this new adventure...let's get those ideas turning :) and of course, thanks for stopping by!