Sunday, April 18, 2010

can a meat eating animal lover even exist?!

my aunt melanie has a "funny" farm in callicoon, ny (which is super close to woodstock and their fabulous woodstock animal sanctuary)- and she absolutely LOVES animals so it's a little surprising to me that she's not vegan. when i saw her yesterday, i asked her why she wasn't and she said it was because she wasn't raised to be vegan and wouldn't even know where to begin. she told me she could possibly become a vegetarian but still doesn't know how to do such a thing. i almost wished i lived closer to her so that i could help her understand and make her some tasty food-on her farm, she has everything from goats to pigs to an abundance to chihuahua's- her newest addition are two turkeys which she rescued from a turkey farm...when she told me that she rescued them, my ears perked up. obviously she has taken in so many animals from people who surrender them to ones she has adopted and others which she has purchased. so i was curious to find out how she came about these turkeys.
she said she went to the turkey farm and bought the turkeys for her farm...not to eat, but to live out long, healthy lives. she was telling me that the place she got them from were jam packed with 20+ lb turkeys...all marked for murder...poor souls. and even after she "adopted" these turkeys, i still don't think she understands what really happens to the rest of them...

so my question to you is: can a meat eating animal lover even exist? i mean, my aunt doesn't eat any of the animals she brings to her farm...she does ride the horses and eat the eggs that the chickens lay...but she would NEVER consume them...soooo how does she eat pork when she keeps 3 pigs as her pets- which sit for food, by the way?! and how hasn't it ever occurred to her to take a second to think about what she is actually eating?

it's a mystery to me...but my goal is to try to teach her a little bit more about where her food is coming from and how most of these factory farms really treat their animals...i think she is under the impression that all of the animals on these so called farms are treated with love until their death...but someone has to open her since i love her, i'll try to make that person me... :)

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